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Madeline Hotel & Residences

Madeline Hotel & Residences

Perched at the top of a picturesque Telluride, Colorado mountain, Madeline Hotel and Residences offers accommodations that deliver the utmost in comfort, style, and atmosphere. Rooms and living spaces surround guests in luxury with sophisticated decor, breathtaking views, and world class amenities.

RAPJAB's Role: Brand Identity / Print Design
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Brand Identity

The Northview Hotel Group came to us with a vast library of brand assets for their latest acquisition, Madeline Hotel & Residences, but without a compelling brand strategy. To ensure the audience made a deeper connection with Madeline than they do with other hotels, we set out to tell a deeper, more passionate story. Our brand guide spoke to the target demographic about one of the property's most valuable asset: escape.

"Let’s face it: there are ski towns that feel like fashion runways. The lift lines are long, the cafes are crowded, and the serenity’s spoiled. That’s not Telluride. We know that our location—just beyond the grip of overexposure —makes us the perfect getaway for the driven, the accomplished, and the genuine. The journey to Telluride brings out the true seekers—for whom time is too precious to waste in crowds and lines.

At Madeline Hotel and Residences, we’ve created a true retreat—where you can breathe in the pure mountain air, nourish your spirit, and discover new passions. Here, you can be who you’ve always wanted to be—free of limits, distractions, or obligations. You can turn off your phone, leave your laptop shut, and open yourself up. At Madeline, you can find yourself again."

Print Design

The primary goal for Madeline Residences was to increase awareness and sales of their luxury residential properties. To help facilitate this, we developed a compelling sales brochure folder as the follow up to a direct mail campaign targeting affluent locals, previous hotel guests, and tourists.

Since a big part of the property's appeal is that it sits in the Telluride mountains, we wanted to convey that they were one in the same experience. To do this, we used a vellum page to create a knockout mountain shape that echoed the logo and gave the reader a window into Madeline. Also, being a folder allowed the sales associate to add or subtract various pieces of information pertinent to a potential client's tastes and questions.

When thinking about the target audience for these residence properties, we knew we wanted to focus on the people who weren't necessarily trying to decide in which mountain town they should buy their second home, but rather, people who were trying to decide whether they should buy a second home in the mountains, on a beach, or some other exotic location. Therefore, the star of this piece became stunning photographs of the beautiful landscape. Throughout, we peppered copy that spoke of sports, activities, and adventures to come. Madeline is presented not only as a five star resort, but as a gateway to a new way of life.