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At RAPJAB, we design, manage, write, develop, and plan–but we know you can get that from any agency in town. Regardless of the task, we get most excited about crafting moments and inciting interactions. We believe that analytics, technology, and strategy are nothing without a beating heart. And most importantly, we trust in the intelligence of the consumer.

Our mission is to reach people in meaningful, strategic, and lasting ways. Through a process of committed discovery, we pinpoint the emotions that drive consumer choice and tell stories that speak directly to your audience.

Full-service, boutique-sized

Integrated Advertising Campaigns  /  Print  /  Video Production  /  Social Media Foundation and Implementation  /  Web and App Development
Event Planning and Marketing  /  Public Relations  /  Search Engine Optimization  /  Competition Analysis  /  E-Commerce

Getting invested in your business

We’re big fans of the unity of opposites. Our best work grows from a mixture of meticulous tinkering and a healthy sense of wonder. Our goal is to stay curious, up-to-date, and enthusiastic about the possibilities of our field.
We approach each client and project as a unique case. Through a process of earnest and humble discovery, we help them develop and perfect their voice as brands. It’s how we’re able to produce work that’s more beautiful and more brilliant.

Taking Calculated Risks

Our Process

  • 1. Discovery
  • 2. Foundation
  • 3. Exploration
  • 4. Production
  • 5. Engagement

1. Discovery

Part audit and part soul-searching therapy session, the discovery phase is where we become experts in what you do. We engage our clients in a holistic process of interview, observation, asset collection, and data gathering. This can range from touring a production facility to experiencing a hotel as a guest. Here, we develop a deep understanding of the brand's competitive environment, stakeholders, goals, and existing strategy. Be prepared to answer questions and have stones unapologetically turned.

2. Foundation

Armed with valuable insight about the brand's current standing, we can now express its greatest possible future. In order to build big, beautiful, and brilliant things, we establish a blueprint that fully articulates the core of the brand in aspirational and anthemic language. This foundational exercise contains three focuses: the brand's values, its promise, and its personality–which will drive all future marketing work. Crafted for internal use, it's a steadfast guide for all stewards and stakeholders, allowing us to move forward concordantly and confidently.

3. Exploration

Having hammered out the brand’s framework, we can now extend the brand’s principles into the visual and strategic realms. We’ll choose color palettes and typefaces. We’ll create moodboards, style guides, logos, and brand marks that help the brand feel robust and fully realized. We can also provide operational recommendations, social media strategy, and usage handbooks. Presented with rationales and specifications for modification, these materials will be used by all future designers and executors of the brand, anticipating questions and forestalling ambiguity.

4. Production

We’ve found the brand’s voice and determined its look. Now we can create the assets that communicate with the world. Here is where we craft mission statements, build websites, produce print collateral (business cards, stationery, brochures) and create on-premise materials (signage, menus, interior design elements). These public-facing manifestations of the brand are tailored strategically for target demographics and environmental context.

5. Engagement

A good brand never sleeps. It’s always seeking opportunities to interact with its audience. Whether the brand has launched a new product, expanded its services, or simply wants to increase awareness, ongoing engagement strategies connect in a meaningful and lasting way. These are campaigns, events, social media communications, and public relations. These reminders are geared to delight, not to bludgeon, and always consider the engagement from the customer’s point of view. Engagement is measured, evaluated, and modified for future iterations.


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