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Youth Run NOLA

Youth Run NOLA

Youth Run NOLA is a nonprofit that cultivates a community of healthy, young leaders through running. The organization has served more than 600 students – many of whom cope with unsafe, unhealthy, and unsupportive circumstances – with positive, structured after-school engagement–all while having an epic amount of fun.

RAPJAB's Role: Brand Identity / Website Design
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Brand Identity

Youth Run NOLA's brand needs to speak to young people, community partners, potential donors, and board members. To achieve this, we helped them articulate a brand identity that conveys fun and excitement through bright colors and a youthful aesthetic, but also maintains a balance of professionalism and maturity through clean, sharp design.

Website Design

Like many nonprofits, Youth Run NOLA needs to communicate not only the values, story, and mission of their organization, but also clearly explain processes and outcomes. By using a playful and modular design, we were able to neatly organize the necessary content thorough clear information hierarchy without overloading users with numbers.